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All Swedes are racists

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Hi everbody. My name is Abdul, what is your name?

I'm gonna tell you a story, a story that is based on real events. It's about me, Abdul. I'm a muslim.

I recently moved to Sweden from Nigeria and currently I'm on Welfare. Last night when I was taking a walk I met up with four skin heads. They said "Ey nigger, what the hell are you doing here? Go back to your own fucking country". "This IS my own fucking country", I replied. They said "No, nigger, It's not. Africa is your fucking country. Africa for apes, Vineland for the whites". I said "Africa is a continent, it's not a country". "Whatever, nigger", they replied. I said "You just wait. When we muslims are in majority in this country, Sharia is going to be the dominating laws. You guys will be all dead!. Then they hit me, they punched me hard into my stomach, so that I lost my breath for a moment. I fell down on the ground and then they kicked me while I was still lying on the ground writhing in pain. After about 4-5 kicks, they stopped and said "Take this for a warning, nigger. Next time it will be alot worse." And then they left, laughing.

So from this I've drawn the conclusion that all Swedes are racists that do not wish for Islam to conquer this country and finally the world. You do not let us have our tradiotal muslim clothes like burqa and niqab and you dismiss propositions for sharia laws in your parliament. This make you racisits. Shame on you all you Swedish racists. Shame on you!

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