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Allt på Internet är sant?

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jag kände mig bara tvungen att posta detta!

jag var inne o tittade på the daily shows Stockholm syndrome(länk kommer). Hitta denna kommentaren.

250000 mentaly ill people in a country of 9 million people. Police selling confiscated weapons to immigrants since 1994 so people shall kill each other. A justice system that is corrupted to the core. The Swedish minister of foreign affairs is under investigation for mass murder in Sudan. The former minister of justice, Thomas Bodström, fled to USA to avoid drug charges. The Swedish government "gives" $100 million dollars eacj year to Ahmed Karzai in Afghanistan so the opium production will continue coz this is good for Swedish arms sales (BOFORS/SAAB DYNAMICS). Swedish health care is the worst in Europe since 1990. Welcome to Sweden everyone!

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