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An asian a white and a black man

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A black man a white man and an asian go to hell. They meet the devil and the devil tells them "I will give you one chance to go to heaven, and thats if and only if you dont make a sound while i whip you ten times. And i will give you a chance to put whatever you want on your back for protection"
The three men agree and the white man goes up first. The devil says what would u like on your back? He asks for a giant boulder The devil whips him three times then the boulder breaks and the white man cries out. The devil says " you stay here with me"
The black man is up and tells the devil "i dont need a damn thing on my back my ancestors been whipped for centuries im used to it" The devil whips him ten times and the black man doesnt make a sound. The devil says "you are free to go to heaven"
The asian man is up and the devil asks what would u like on your back? The asian responds " i want that black man on my back"....

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