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Grab an ice cream! I mean... everyone does love ice cream, am I not right?
Although, I would not really classify that an activity in itself, mayhap - meanwhile as you digest(see what I did there? ^^) -the ice cream, you could do the classic relaxation of watching a film or a series on the tele?
Well, for me that would be the very perfect timewaster anyhow... To enjoy ice cream while lying on the sofa, yummy in my tummy!
Now, if you are up for a more productive activity I surely would recommend you to simply hang around with friends, I mean, it is the autumn holiday time after all :J
Friends may not be available, if it so is the case, one could do a wide variety of activities by oneself, for example; snap photographs of the autumn nature season. Enjoy some sort of sport activity, and... and... bah, why not just eat a lot of ice cream istead :X
I have no utter idea of what you like to do or what kind of a person you are. So I really can not give any customized tips. Sarri!