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Bästa sidan ever || Omegle, talk to strangers!

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Stranger: are you gay?
You: no more than you
Stranger: so you are gay?
You: no more than you
Stranger: becaue i'm a flaming homosexual
You: really?
Stranger: yes, oh and i fuck dogs and goldfish in my sparetime
Stranger: the catfish fucking hurts
You: oh shit, ever fucked your brother?
Stranger: no i pushed him down the stairs years ago
Stranger: does that count?
You: kind of
Stranger: my dad raped me when i was young, too bad i dont remember. i wish he did it again before he ran away
Stranger: *sigh*
You: i feel bad for you
You: not
Stranger: trolled
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

You: Hello
Stranger: He's on the train, there isn't much time left. I heard you were one of the best in your fields.
You: I have served on three different continents and have had cross-training with BOPE, I may be of some assistence
You: What do you need?
Stranger: I'm not sure. How do you identify a walrus bite?
You: By the crushed remains of body-matter where the walrus landed on you
Stranger: Interesting, but this man appears to have been sitting on a walrus when it struck him.
You: Sounds like a secret goverment weapon, as far as I know there are no normal walruses that are that agile
You: I do not study marine life much so I may be wrong
Stranger: The choppers are on the way, should we take any special precautions when airlifting him?
You: I strongly recommend having a large quantity of tranqulizer handy, in case he turns into that... thing
Stranger: You mean.... Dear God, the chances of that happening are very slim though, no?
You: If the subject is exposed to hightend stress-levels it may trigger the chrysalis inside of him, and, as you are a qualified expert in that field, you know what that implies