Forumet - Black Metal lyrics. Hjälp med Engelska.

Black Metal lyrics. Hjälp med Engelska.

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Hur låter detta för er som är riktigt kunniga inom det Engelska språket?

Treshold Wanderers
Death inhabitants
The shutter in a declining ground
From Souls loss of hope and grace

The downturn preacher
Inspectors from the deluded dreams
From dark ruins
Logos from deceased
Born to die

From the coldest part of dark ash
You hear God's living voice
The tone is driven further down
With roots wither column
As the burned ground access

Ash prayers
Separated towards the unconscious
Persuasive theory

When the predetermined pictures are moving...

Vad tycks rent allmänt annars? Vem vet, en vacker dag kanske ni hör denna lyrik i underground-scenen.