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Detta är min början på min första nånsin fanfic för Sword of truth böckerna/ Legend of the seeker

Kahlan was anxiously waiting. She tapped the fingers against the hard wooden table and frowned, “Where was he? He should be here by now,”. The massive doors flew open and Kahlan could feel her whole body trembling, she ached for her seeker so much. They hadn’t seen each other since that wonderful day in between worlds, when everything had seemed absolutely perfect and nothing existed except her and her seeker. But to her disappointment it wasn’t Richard that came through the doors, it was his grandfather. Zedd had two bowls of spice soup in his hands and when he saw Kahlans disappointed look he smiled understandingly. “Don’t worry my child, Richard will be here soon enough, you just got to have some patience”. He put one of the bowls in front of Kahlan and then sat down and began to eat. Kahlan sighed “I know Zedd, it just seems like when I think of holding Richard in my arms again or just to see him smile at me makes my whole body ache and I can no longer think straight” She looked down in to the soup and stirred around in it with a spoon “I just miss him so much” She said in a quiet whisper. Zedd chuckled, “I know you do my child and soon enough you will be able to show him how much”. Kahlan blushed. She just wanted to hold him, to kiss him, to show him how much she loved him. “Now, now” Zedd said “Are you going to eat your dinner? If you are not I can gladly lift you the burden”. Kahlan pushed the bowl to Zedd “Take it, I don’t think I am going to be able to eat anyway”. “It’s your loss” Zedd stated and let his food silence his mouth. Kahlan sighed and gently whispered “where are you Richard?”

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