Forumet - Cannery Angels Revisited

Cannery Angels Revisited

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Everything in the world is for sale
And they’re painting the walls black
The circus has a show today
But there are no tickets to it

They’re leading the blind commissar
It looks like he’s sniffing the trail
One hand is in his pocket
The other is holding his pistol

And the crowd is restless again
Today the far beyond beckons to them
While Lady and I look through the window
Onto the Street of Sadness

Cinderella calmly
With a smile says “No problem.
You must experience everything in lfe
Through the reckless years.”

Then suddenly Romeo bursts in
“You are mine!” with a cry and a scream
Someone quietly answers him
“You’re in the wrong place, old man.”

And then the sirens fall silent
And just Cinderella all alone
Sweeps up scraps of old letters
On the street of guilt

Now the moon is almost not visible
And the stars were hidden long ago
Even the old fortune teller
Has closed her window tight

Everyone but Cain and his brother
And the beggar of the Place des Vosges
Are all making love
Or just expecting rain

But the philanthropist is all dressed up
And stuffed his pocket with paper
He’s the main guest at the carnival
On the Street of Deceit.

There’s Ophelia, I’m so afraid for her
In her heart is emptiness
So soon she was beaten down
By the cares of everyday life

Death seems wonderful to her,
She wears an armor breastplate
She’s turned into an old maid
At the tender age of 20 years

Although in dreams she paints
The colors of the rainbow over and over
From her ambush she throws stones
Into the Street of Love

Einstein disguised as Robin Hood
Passed here not long ago
After him his suitcase of memories
Was pulled by his comrade Clown

He flung his cigarette so wickedly
As if it was dynamite
Then he passed on, staggering
Loudly reciting the alphabet

Maybe you don’t remember him
He was once a virtuoso
Playing the electric violin
In the Alley of Visions

Doctor Filth holds our destinies
In the bottom of huge trunks
Every one he watches over
Is seeking the keys to the locks

The nurse that is in charge
Of the potassium cyanide and grog
Carries the file of cards
Inscribed “God protect them”

They both play on fifes
You hear their wondrous duet
If you stick your ear out the window
To the Street of Delerium

On the other side the shades are drawn
They’re hurredly preparing dinner there
They are feeding Casanova the hope
Of easy success with women

In him they are nurturing
Boundless pride in himself
But tomorrow they’ll poison him with success
Having mixed sweet poison with praise.

And the phantom shouts in the catacombs
“Let Casanova learn his lesson
For secretly going in the evenings
To the Street of Eternal Sorrow”

At the stroke of midnight all the agents
From the supermen’s special brigade
Knock on the doors of those who are full
Of various thoughts and ideas

Then they take them to the castle
Where they hook up to their chests
The heart-attack machine
No one is guilty

A crew of insurance agents
Stand with canisters in their hands
Their job is to prevent escapes
To the Street of Forgotten Fear

Praise to Nero’s Neptune
The Titanic sails over the waves
On the deck everyone still argues
Who was on who’s side

There Ezra Pound and TS Elliott
Are fighting a duel on the bridge
Calypso is laughing over them
Under the tender song of Ariel

It’s only there, in the depths of the sea
Where there is abundance and beauty
There is no reason to think to much
About the Street of Dreams

I received your letter
I got it already yesterday
You made a good joke
Asking how I was doing

Everyone that you wrote me about
I know them, I’m tired of their lives
I changed all their faces
And gave them different names

Right now I can’t read
Don’t write to me until
You cross over, like me
To the Street of Grief