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Dikt om en robot

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Ok, skrev den här för någon vecka sen. jag har "killed my darlings" så gott det går. Och nej, det är inge meningen att den ska ha ett speciellt flow, eller rimma överallt [no-no] Now gief kritik på vad jag kan göra bättre! Ni får till och med en stämningsfull bild till [party]

First darkness, and then dawn

The mist, just disappearing and the sun about to rise
On a cliff, not far above the shore a vague silhouette is seen
Apparently not human, or animal it is
A machine, from the past, rust-covered and dead

Gravity, time and wind, has bent it closer to the ground
Arms poking straight out from the central body, embracing the morning
Eyes once glowing with green bright light
Now they are broken and dark, no life, no spark

Then suddenly, a glimmer can be seen in the badly scratched eyes
Had somebody actually been there, they might have been surprised!
Luminescent and bright
Helping the morning chase away the night

As quick as it appeared, the eyelight is shut off
The old machinery moans as the wind picks up its pace
Where this being came from?
No one really knows
And who would care?

Neither living, nor dead, the old robot stands still
Wasting away, on the cold barren hill.