Forumet - DNA-koden och DNA-avkodaren måste ha skapats samtidigt! CD utan CD-spelare fyller ingen funktion...

DNA-koden och DNA-avkodaren måste ha skapats samtidigt! CD utan CD-spelare fyller ingen funktion...

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Vetenskapsmannen Aja Govinda förklarar här med en träffande analogi, att på samma sätt som en CD är värdelös utan CD-spelaren, så är DNA värdelös utan maskineriet som avkodar DNA, och de måste ha uppstått samtidigt:


Hur uppstod DNA till att börja med?

Både databanken som vi kallar DNA (cellens digitala mjukvara), och maskineriet som avkodar databanken, DNA-avkodaren, måste ha funnits till samtidigt från början!

DNA produceras av en komplett cell, samtidigt som DNA behövs för att skapa cellen, vilket innebär att de alltså är inbördes beroende av varann!

Evolutionsteorin fallerar eftersom den inte kan förklara hur skapandet av den första levande cellen kunnat ske utan DNA!

"The question is not only that of how the DNA chain originated. Even the existence of the DNA chain with the extraordinary information capacity it contains, means nothing by itself. In order to refer to life, it is essential that the enzymes that read this DNA chain, copy them and produce proteins, also exist. (Enzymes are large molecules that have certain functions in the cell which they carry out with the precision of a robot.)

Simply put, in order to talk of life, both the data bank we call DNA, and the machines to carry out production by reading the data in the bank have to co-exist.

To our surprise, enzymes, which read DNA and carry out production accordingly, are themselves produced according to the codes in DNA. This means that there is a factory in the cell that both makes many different types of products, and also manufactures the robots and machines that carry out this production. The question of how this system, which would be of no use with a minor defect in any of its mechanisms originated, is by itself enough to demolish the theory of evolution."

Paradoxen som stjälper evolutionsteorin:

Medan DNA endast kan replikera med hjälp av speciella proteiner, enzymer, så kan syntesen av dessa proteiner endast ske om den kodade informationen redan finns i DNA!

"A very interesting paradox emerges at this point: While DNA can only replicate with the help of special proteins (enzymes), the synthesis of these proteins can only be realized by the information encoded in DNA.

As they both depend on each other, they have to exist at the same time for replication. Science writer John Horgan explains the dilemma in this way:

DNA cannot do its work, including forming more DNA, without the help of catalytic proteins, or enzymes. In short, proteins cannot form without DNA, but neither can DNA form without proteins.

How did the Genetic Code, along with the mechanisms for its translation (ribosomes and RNA molecules), originate?

Stanley Miller and Francis Crick's close associate from the University of San Diego, California, the highly reputed evolutionist Dr. Leslie Orgel says in an article published in 1994:

It is extremely improbable that proteins and nucleic acids, both of which are structurally complex, arose spontaneously in the same place at the same time. Yet it also seems impossible to have one without the other. And so, at first glance, one might have to conclude that life could never, in fact, have originated by chemical means."

Den första uppdiktade levande cellen, "slumpcellen", skulle inte ha kunnat reproducera sig, eftersom den skulle ha saknat all den nödvändiga genetiska informationen, med koder, program och instruktioner:

"Let us suppose that millions of years ago a cell was formed which had acquired everything necessary for life, and that it duly "came to life".

The theory of evolution again collapses at this point. For even if this cell had existed for a while, it would eventually have died and after its death, nothing would have remained, and everything would have reverted to where it had started. This is because this first living cell, lacking any genetic information, would not have been able to reproduce and start a new generation. Life would have ended with its death.

The genetic system does not only consist of DNA. The following things must also exist in the same environment: enzymes to read the code on the DNA, messenger RNA to be produced after reading these codes, a ribosome to which messenger RNA will attach according to this code, transfer RNA to transfer the amino acids to the ribosome for use in production, and extremely complex enzymes to carry out numerous intermediary processes.

Such an environment cannot exist anywhere apart from a totally isolated and completely controlled environment such as the cell, where all the essential raw materials and energy resources exist.

As a result, organic matter can self-reproduce only if it exists as a fully developed cell with all its organelles and in an appropriate environment where it can survive, exchange materials, and get energy from its surroundings. This means that the first cell on earth was formed "all of a sudden" together with its amazingly complex structure.

So, if a complex structure came into existence all of a sudden, what does this mean?

Let us ask this question with an example. Let us liken the cell to a high-tech car in terms of its complexity. In fact, the cell is a much more complex and developed system than a car with its engine and all its technical equipment.

Now let us ask the following question: What would you think if you went out hiking in the depths of a thick forest and ran across a brand-new car among the trees? Would you imagine that various elements in the forest had come together by chance over millions of years and produced such a vehicle?

All the parts in the car are made of products such as iron, copper, and rubber-the raw ingredients for which are all found on the earth-but would this fact lead you to think that these materials had synthesised "by chance" and then come together and manufactured such a car?

There is no doubt that anyone with a sound mind would realise that the car was the product of an intelligent design-in other words, a factory-and wonder what it was doing there in the middle of the forest.

The sudden emergence of a complex structure in a complete form, quite out of the blue, shows that this is the work of an intelligent agent. A complex system like the cell is no doubt created by a superior will and wisdom. In other words, it came into existence as a creation of God."

Darwinismens ovetenskapliga formel kring livets uppkomst:

Saga: Groda + Prinsessans kyss = Prins
Lögn: Bakterie + Miljarder av år = Människa [shake]

Allt Gudomligt Gott,

Hare Krishna! [y]


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Både databanken som vi kallar DNA (cellens digitala mjukvara), och maskineriet som avkodar databanken, DNA-avkodaren, måste ha funnits till samtidigt från början!

DNA innebär helt enkelt att molykler fäster sig vid en existerande kedja, och på så sätt dubbleras dna-kedjor.

Det är enkla, kemiska/fysikaliska lagar, och dna-molekyler kan uppstå helt av naturliga orsaker, genom att ha lagom bladning av naturligt förekommande grundämnen samt elektricitet, från t.ex. blixtnedslag.
Grr, synd att man inte är moderator längre, så att man kan blocka propagandainlägg.

F.ö. så använder kriminaltekniker en metod som innebär att man tar en DNA-sträng (som utan problem spontant kan uppstå, detta har gjortse, se )

Lägg nu denna blandning i massa andra spontant uppstådda aminosyror, så kommer DNA-molekylerna att kopieras.
(Denna metod använder DNA-tekniker för att kopiera upp massa dna så att man kan göra prover, vid teknisk analys).

Ingen avkodare krävs FÖR SIMPLARE processer. Sedan, av slump (hela världshavet en soppa av aminosyror, så bör ske någonstans vid någon tidpunkt), så uppstår ansamlingar av DNA-kedjort som kodar protein, som i sin tur utgör mer avancerade delar.

Databanken = DNA (cellens digitala mjukvara)

Maskineriet som avkodar databanke = DNA-avkodaren

Va? Alltså va? Vad jag förståt så bygger det hela på typ samma principer som får mjölk att surna och järn att rosta, tror du inte på det heller?!


Jag tror inte på oändligt osannolika slump/hokuspokus-teorier...

Varför inte? Tror du inte att slump existerar?