Forumet - En monolog om döden (på engelska)

En monolog om döden (på engelska)

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Jag brukar då och då skriva lite random stuff jag sparar för senare bruk i t.ex. skoluppgifter eller dylikt, och den här började jag på för bara ett par minuter sedan. Troligtvis bra att ha som fristående arbete i engelskan.
Den är inte färdig än och jag har bara spånat igenom den en gång för att se om det såg bra ut.

Death isn’t objectively a bad thing. Even though the mere thought of death my haunt certain individuals, not all would resist it. Some would welcome death as a friend, embrace it and squeeze every ounce of positive malice out of it.
I want to be able to welcome death as a friend, but I cling onto life, not my own but all others, to justify such a feeling.
Just imagine; the possibility to release yourself from the agonizing loneliness. The haunt of your mentality.
The inner torment…
But what would happen when death had reaped the last spirit of life from you?
Would it hurt?
Would it feel good?
I actually think it would hurt badly. Not for me, but for my dear ones, and those who hold me close.
For my own part, I don’t care what death feels like.
Death may have years-old underwear and shit in the beard, but it would undoubtedly pull me out of the swamp which pulls me deeper and deeper, just as a friend would…