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Hej! Jag började skriva inlägget på engelska, och känner inte för att översätta allting. Hoppas ni kan förstå vad jag menar, trots att texten är skriven snabbt och informellt.

I'll be writing a book essay in English this coming Monday, and I wonder if you could give me some valuable advice on formal writing, what to keep in mind regardning structure etc. The book I've read is called ''The Room of Lost Things'' by Stella Duffy (don't know whether you've heard of it or not).
During the test, we are able to chose between various subjects to discuss within the novel. I'm planning to focus on the setting, since the story is set in London and thefore provides a clear insight in the so called ''street life''. I will support my opinions as well as proving the facts put out, with quotations from the book.

For instance, what type of quotations are good to use if I want to say something about the social environment? (I'm thinking descriptions, is that right?)
How shall I handle the quotations in writing?
Is it OK to write like this: According to the following excerpt from ''The room of Lost things'', London is... or Duffy writes/describes/exposes...
How would you write refering to a quote?
Since I'm chosing to focus on one specific subject, should I shortly present the plot (in the beginning) and then move on to explaining the setting?

NOW to the structure. Do you think this will work?
Introduction- name of the book, author, some back information about the storyline, thesis statement
1st paragraph- where geographically? what part of london? (explanation of the area in which the story is set)
2nd paragraph- the environment in London, senses (sound, smell, vision), culture, buildings etc.
3rd paragraph- weather, season... ///any other tips?
Conclusion- draw some kind of sensible conclusion from what I've written earlier

OK, I'm almost done, just a few more things.
One. Should I write objectively or subjectively? If subjectively, do you have any good phrases better than ''in my opinion'', ''what struck me the most'', '' I believe'' etc?
Two. What kind of linking words are good to use if you want to reach a rather high level in writing?
Three. Since I'm focusing on the setting, is it OK not to go further into the main characters?

I hope you have time to help me with this. I feel kind of lost in this gigantic ''literature jungle''

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