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Engelska- one word, several meanings

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Jag håller på med en övning i engelska, där man ska skriva in passande substantiv i olika meningar. Eftersom jag inte har tillgång till facit, undrar jag om någon skulle kunna titta igenom mina svar och peka ut eventuella fel.

Fyll i luckorna med lämpliga substantiv, välj mellan:


1. The pharmacies are getting a lot of inquiries about the new flu medicine.
2. My lawyer hopes we will win the case in court later this month.
3. There is a fantastic display of children's toys at the museum.
4. There is growing concern over global warming.
5. The vines grew up along the wall.
6. We bought two cases of wine for the party.
7. The gouvernment has started a full inquiry into the money scandal.
8. The fireworks display last night impressed everybody.
9. The quality of food is of great concern to consumers.
10. The restaurant is a family concern.
11. We intend to plant new vines in these fields to increase our wine production.
12. There are thousands of new AIDS cases in Africa every year.
13. The display flashed a red warning signal.
14. There is a strong inquiry about creating more jobs for young people.

Tack på förhand.

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