Forumet - ENTER PIT


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Pit is a great character, many people doubt. Doubt will remain the curse of mankind, for Pit shall prevail and be pronounced king by future generations not ridden by this particular instance of the curse of mankind. Instead they will doubt the next character, in this case Kerby the Flyer - though of course that process is gradual and not discrete as is my argument for the sake of your understanding, since you are after all cretins unaware of the superior Pit and his immense fighting talents, for Pit can double smash and hyper pound his opponents with fearsome strength and pure obliteration.

The singular force of existence is manifested through the actions of Pit and his perpetual imperative; the evergrinding wheels of organic decay as fuelled by the relentless strength of Pit’s forward B, not to mention his favorable descent upon unsuspecting victims such as Kerby the Flyer and Jigglepuff the Blob. Now you may think he cannot defeat humanoids but that is pure uneducated gossip (shit talk). Pit can defeat Snake as well, easily, thanks to his unmatched properties.


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