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Ett försök [blush]

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Inside your heart was pounding
all around you, you felt powers
that would make your mind collide with what was real

All you knew was that time is ticking
ticking away like heartbeats
heartbeats that control just how you feel

Was this your forever farewell to fun days
your forever goodbye to good days
your eternal way to say you wanted out
I thought of you as a friend of mine
the best I ever had in time
but I turned you down, guess I turned you down
what a shame

And you'd been through this pain before
these scars upon your wrists said more
than a million poems or pictures'll ever do

You had a dream of being kissed
A fear of simply being missed
or to be slowly disconnected from the world

You were walking home alone that night
To cry yourself to sleep and fight
The guilt you felt for being on your own

But reason left for good for you
You left and never woke anew
And i know I'm guilty, I know that I'm to blame.

And time keeps on ticking
Ticking away like heartbeats
But your heartbeat now is cold and forever dead
Those tears you shed.

What a shame.

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Var? [surprised]

Alltså rätta mig om JAG har fel nu eller inte fattat men:


all around you, you felt powers

Vadå powers?


All you knew was that time is ticking

Du byter liksom, vafan det nu heter, nutid, dåtid osv. Det är jobbigt.

Osv, sånt menar jag. Orkar inte leta mer.