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Yo, ma name's not your biggie. My homies call me T-Jeff. I was born in da hood called Shadwell, Virginia. We calls it The Reaper's House. I was born Friday April 13th in 1743. Yeah, an' I carries the numba 13, bad luck, wit me all the time. Ma old man's name was Peter, folks called him the Ease-Slease. Ma mudda's name was Jane.

When I was 19 I was a lawyer. People called me the Shark fo-sho, I was gangsta gangsta, son! Now I gots ta tell y'alls about ma political carrier, kay? In 1776 I done wrote the Declaration of Independence. I was famous, man, livin' as top dog, yo! Then, my homeboy John Adams, aka Bad Apple, got his *** elected president and he got me VP. Aw yeah, you know how it is, second to tha chief, man. But when his time was up, yo, you know I filled the seat, dog, yeah.

But, man, I fell hard. I got in debt with some punkass fools, an' all dat stress got me killed on July 4 of 1826 in Charlottesville, Virginia, also known as The Grave.