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"How much better would you feel if you could stop procrastinating? Imagine the guilt and anxiety you could release right here and now by simply doing what needs to be done! Sometimes it’s not that easy though, is it? We have many reasons for procrastinating. Some of the most common are avoiding the task because it’s difficult, boring, or time consuming. Perhaps you’re afraid to fail, or even afraid of succeeding. Whatever your reason for procrastination, when you don’t get things done it makes you feel bad. Here are some simple ways to stop procrastinating.

1. Each day make a list of things you need to do. Write down everything big and small. Now, put them in order of importance. As you accomplish each task, cross it off the list. Many times, seeing just how many things you actually do get done is incentive enough to keep going. Even if you don’t cross off the whole list, you still have a sense of satisfaction at getting the most important things finished first.

2. If you’re facing a big project break it down into smaller pieces and tackle each small chore in turn. It’s less overwhelming than trying to tackle a huge project all at once.

3. Do one or two easy or enjoyable tasks first. Since humans work on mental and physical inertia, once you get moving you can usually stay moving. By choosing something simple or enjoyable first it helps to get the ball rolling.

4. Set a deadline for the project. Knowing you need or want something completed by a certain time is often enough motivation to get the job done.

5. Write down some motivational quotes on Post-its and stick them to your computer or anywhere you’ll look at them often. Change the quotes daily or at least weekly. After awhile you’ll get used to seeing them and they won’t have as much impact.

6. Imitate successful people. Think of someone you admire and you feel is successful. This can be a friend or a public figure. Ask yourself how they got to be successful. Would they procrastinate? Or would they get the job done and move onto something else?

We’re all guilty of putting things off at times, but by following these simple tips to overcome procrastination you’ll find that you’re happier, more productive, and life goes along more smoothly."

"Procrastination saps precious time and emotional energy. We feel down, as if success has slipped through our fingers. Instead, practice these seven simple steps to beat procrastination and feel better about yourself - and your results.

If you can stop procrastination in your life just think about what you could accomplish and how much better you would feel.
Why does procrastination occur? It could be as a result of not wanting to do things or of not being able to do things.
It could also be a result of fear. Many of us fear failure as well as success. Still others procrastinate simply because it works for them. Procrastination is not something we should live with.
When procrastination occurs, nothing gets done. And when nothing gets done due to procrastination, that's when we feel down and worthless. Feeling this way may be avoided with a number of techniques designed to stop procrastination:
You can stop procrastination by getting organized. Being unorganized leads to chaos and feelings of being overwhelmed. Stop procrastination and by organizing your life.
Breakdown tasks into manageable units to stop procrastination. Smaller tasks are less overwhelming that large jobs.
Have discipline. Allow your desire for success to overcome your desire to put things off.
Positive motivation. Talk yourself up with encouraging quotes.
Get someone else's help to stop procrastination. Ask someone to hold you accountable for completion of a task you have been procrastinating about. For example, if you are putting off cleaning the garage ask you wife to question you about when it will be completed several days before the due date.

Do the easiest or most enjoyable task first so that you get off to a good start. This works for some people while the opposite works for others. Some people like to get the unpleasant work out of the way so they can enjoy the rest.
Giving yourself a deadline can stop procrastination.
Procrastination should not be something you should live with. Successful people do not tend to procrastinate, instead, they stop procrastination because know that what needs to get done must get done.
It is not because they necessarily enjoy the unpleasant tasks which others procrastinate about but rather the strength of their desire for success is greater than their desire to procrastinate.
Procrastination should not be a hindrance to achieving your goal. Take a moment to recognize the signs and do something to overcome it and stop procrastination.
If you begin by rewarding yourself for small successes and stop punishing yourself when you do procrastinate you will be able to develop new habits that, in time, will help stop procrastination."


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