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"Today, my boss called me into his office to show me the web site of a potential business partner. When he began to type 'virginia' into google, it auto-completed his search with his recent search for 'virgin boy assholes'. I have to go on business trip with him tomorrow. I'm a young guy."

Reservoir Dog:

"Today, I sent out a note to 300 friends saying that I'm having a birthday party in a couple weeks. I asked to please write back if they are interested in going . . . two people answered...They said they can't make it."

Jo, fast det var ju samma dag också. Ofta man svarar på en inbjudan samma dag när festen ligger ett par veckor in i framtiden. Den här var bättre i så fall:

Today, I went to my first strip club for my friends birthday. I also found out what my girlfriend does for a living. FML