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Well met, I'm now gonna tell you something so incredible so that you won't believe it. First I have to tell you the background story, though.

I met a preacher last night. He knows what lay behind the saint's death. His wife and child. There is much he doesn't know. He thinks that the feaver took them, that they have been gone these hundred years or more. But that is merely what he saw. There is more.

This is one of the greatest secrets kept in all of paradise. To us, the host, it was only RUMORED that more lay behind his familys deaths. But the preacher knows the truth. Though he claimed that he didn't even knew he had a family. But he knows, though he doesn't remember.

The being in his mind, joined with his soul. It knows. All that ever came to pass in heaven. Every action, every reason. Genesis. It is more than power. It has sentience and instinct and memory. All it lacks is will. Hence you.

Genesis´memory belongs to him. It unfolds for him slowly, painfully, flitting back and forth from the shadows. Sometimes he knows when the entity speaks to him. Other times, he does not. But all the the same, the knowledge is there. That's true.

He may never recall what I mentioned. But I can help him. If I teach him something of the entity within him, and how to remember what it knows: To THINK his way into it's mind.

I'm it's daddy. Once I was an archangel of the blessed seraphi. I stood at the right hand of God. That was before my fall. If he is to know what Genesis knows, he musts understand it fully. He musts hear the tale of it's creation.

And if I AM to tell him, I will need his guarantee that he will save me from the Grail. Only he has power enough to do it. With the word Genesis bestowed upon him, none will raise a hand to stop him.

I couldn't let the Saint kill him. However he did not want to bargain with me and give me the guarantee. He trusted the Saint, but not me.

He needs me though. He said he only needs what I could show him. He needs to know everything Genesis knows, for the Saint an' for the job he's gotta do. But I know about the word, I know he can force it outta me anyway. Why should he get himself indebted to some "renegade angel motherfucker"?

If I wanted his help I should fess up voluntarily. Then we should see.

I'm now gonna tell you the same thing that I told him.

Hers was the beauty of blades in an alley. Of blood in the moonlight of battlefield screams. She soared above hell, an eagle-temptress, whoring for souls in the mortal world. Adulterers, rapists, sodomites, fornicators, all of them---When lust conquered love, when they broke God's law. They were hers.

Mine was the beauty of golden mornings. Of virgin snowfields. Of faith itself. I guarded the edges of heaven, where glory in the highest was bordered by damnation.

I despised demons then. I still do. And yet I paused to watch her dance in the thermals of perdition, not knowing why... Just as she noticed me, and instead of fleeing as she would at any other time--hovered there, and met my gaze. And smiled.

All i can say is that our wills were not our own. It was a tornado. A hurricane. A tsunami crashing down upon a tower of rock. Our juices fell like rain on the inferno.

We were not meant to even meet, let alone achieve such union. We were not created..

The POINT is that Genesis never should have happened, It is good and evil mixed, and thus unnatural. A freak: Just as our actions were feakish when we coupled, against the order of things. That fact is central to understanding genesis.

And yes, they caught us. Damn them for choosing the moment they did. Right when I was taking care of the problem myself..

I had not seen her since the act. I waited terrified each day on the edge of hell, praying she would not emerge, that she'd have the cursed thing in the inferno and that would be an end to it. But no, she came. Her time was almost on her. And her masters would be just as unforgiving as mine.

Could we flee together, she asked? Could we hide the child? Did I have ANY kind of plan?

I did. Killing her.

And then things happened far too fast. Genesis was born.

Lacking a mind, being only POWER at that point, the entity was not difficult to capture. It was given the the Adephi for study. But I writing this on this site proves what I and I alone could see, and tried to tell them. Holding it would be a different matter. And if it lacked a will of its own.. It would simply seek one out.

I was ignored. And judged. And cast down.

STARR then locked me in this miserable pitt. My strenght was all but gone. I can still tell lie from truth, or see the minds of men, but..

He tortured me. I could not resist. Thanks to what he learned from me, Starr and his Grail can second-guess the angels of paradise.

Strictly speaking, it has become him. It's memories are his. It is as he has forgotten something HE once knew.

The only way to remember is following:

Genesis runs deep within him. Only older ways from older times can bring it forth. He musts elevate the spirit. Forget the flesh. He shall loook to his homeland. To the first Americans. The Navajo. The Hopi.

But no matter which of them he goes to. I begged him to understand. I PRAY my words have shown him. Genesis should not even BE. It is unique. It is NEW. It has powser enough to equal that of God. And why he has suffered it to live I cannot begin to imagine.

Then he told me something terrible. He's already runnin' scared. God quit the second Genesis was born. He was lookin' for him. There ain't no one on the throne.

Don't you realize? If he's on earth. Then he can hear me! He can find me!





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