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Hallå? Metal folket, vart är ni?

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When you think of a metal head,
Tell me what comes to mind?
Well maybe stone washed jeans a mullet?
A guy who is evolutionary one step behind,
Well when rob halford came out of the closet,
It may have not been a big thing,
Well today we are one step closer to hearing the metal dudes sing: " I want to be, I want to be a homosexual!"
Statistics say chances of being gay are what one in ten
That means there is a 40 percent chance that one of the guys in pantera likes men
Hey so I think it's safe to say many more other metal guys are homosexual.
That may frustrate the gay community, why would they want the ugly metal heads available?

See, I, told, you, metal dudes are gay too and I happen to see the proof so far that your sexuality determines the way you play guitar
Ew I'd love for everyone in heavy metal to be homosexual!
If not only to make the Nazi fucking pricks in slayer a little uncomfortable!