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Den första elektriska hårtorken lär ha uppfunnits av Alexander F Godefoy. Det var i slutet av 1800-talet. Han utnyttjade dammsugarens utblås för att göra en slags hårtork, men det fanns också fotogendrivna fläktar på 1890-talet som användes som hårtorkar. De första hårtorkarna som man höll i handen kom på 1920-talet
# Inspired by the heated exhaust air on a vacuum cleaner, Alexandre F. Godefoy invented the first electric hair dryer in 1890. These devices were large and cumbersome, and didn't become a useful household item until the development of hand-held dryers in the 1920s. Early blow dryers were made of steel, which made them durable but also very heavy.

The 1930s brought about the creation of seated hood dryers, still used in hair salons today. Metal and wood-handled portable designs gave way to lighter plastic models. The 1970s brought about improved safety features to decrease accidents and injuries from electrocution.

Modern blow dryer manufacturers continue to explore new coil materials like ceramic and tourmaline for more effective and efficient blow dryers. New blow dryers come in a variety of speeds, temperatures and durability, offering hair stylists and consumers a wide array of choices to suit their needs.