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Hat mot nippofiler?

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Jag är själv en nippofil och får ofta möta ett hat mot mitt intresse. Personligen har jag varit väldigt intresserad i Japan och dess kultur i ca 15 år och från början tyckte folk mest att man var konstig men på senare åt har jag mött vad jag endast kan tolka som rent hat.
Kan ni som känner detta hat mot oss nippofiler tala om varför?

Snälla svara seriöst!

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Kan ni som känner detta hat mot oss nippofiler tala om varför?

För att ni (ofta) är djävligt jobbiga och sådär irriterande besatt av skiten.

Ni typ: Skriver krystade japanska meningar på internet , kallar varandra för japanska smeknamn, har dockor svindyra djävla importerade dockor som ni klär ut, fotograferar av, döper till typ "kawa-san" eller något lika fittkukfittigt, har med till skolan och skriver noveller om dom på internet.

Sedan tror ni nästan autistisk att alla vill veta om era specialintressen och babblar om skiten med folk som inte alls bryr sig.

Japanofil eller Nippofil (av japanska Nippon, "Japan") kallas den som hyser stark beundran eller kärlek för Japan och/eller delar av japansk kultur, men själv inte är därifrån. Beroende på kontexten kan detta uppfattas positivt, neutralt eller negativt. Ett engelskt slanguttryck för japanofiler är wapanese, en portmanteau av white och japanese, jämförbar med wigger. [rolleyes]

... någon har tvingats umgås med nippofiler eller är allmänt intresserad av någon han hatar???

Jag har upplevt irriterande japantöntar på internet samt på nära håll i skolmiljö och min flickvän går i en klass full med en bunt av dom (som har med dockorna till skolan, i fucking gymnasiet).

för att det är löjligt när man går omkring o fjantar sig o pratar japanska o ser ut som ett miffo

Haha jag snackar bara japanska när jag vill reta nån lite ibland eller med de jag pluggar japanska med, min pojkvän samt mina japanska vänner.


För att ni (ofta) är djävligt jobbiga och sådär irriterande besatt av skiten.

Haha va dockor:O Näe det har jag inga ^_^ Ingen av mina japanälskande vänner har det med, visst vi har gosedjur och en del samlarprylar men vi går inte runt med de och skriver inga noveller om de:P
Gentlemen! Are you a normal person or are you a weeaboo faggot? Answer "yes" or "no" to each of the following questions to let this quiz decide for you. (Other editors, feel free to contribute to this list. One must be ever-vigilant to keep an updated study of these failed Waptards.)

* Do you buy/read manga?
o Have you ever enjoyed/thought of enjoying said manga?
* Are you done with the manga and moving on to Japanese novels? (translated into English, of course)
* Do you watch/have you ever watched/thought of watching animu?
o Have you ever enjoyed/ever thought of enjoying any animu of any sort?
* Watched every movie in the Foreign Films Japan section at Netflix?
* Do you go to Azn food markets?
* Do you have a DeviantART account?
o If so, do you contribute lots and lots of animu fanart?
o Was any of it furry art?
o Yaoi?
* Have you ever yiffed?
o Was it to a babyfur? If so, you may also be a pedophile.
* Have you fapped today?
o Was it to Azn porn?
o Hentai?
o Yuri?
o Tentacle hentai?
* Do you have at least 2 animu posters in your room?
o Do you not know what wallpaper you have because of the amount of animu posters in your room?
* Do you argue with your friends about animu?
o Do you win these arguments?
o Do you get butthurt when you lose these arguments and try to find evidence that proves you're right for the following week?
* Do you go to Japanese food restaurants just because they’re Japanese?
* Do you spend hours on searching for ancient Japanese ancestors that don't exist?
* Have you tried learning Japanese for a reason other than business?
o Was it just to watch animu or read manga?
o Was it to watch/read hentai?
o Are you going to create a translation blog?
* Did one of your Japanese friends comment on how bad you were butchering the language? (Provided you have any in the first place.)
* Have you been to an animu/hentai con?
o Have you worked at a con?
* Have you ever made an AMV?
o Was it a Narutard AMV?
* Do you own a Narutard headband?
* Have you ever subbed anything for Dattebayo or the like, or are you attempting to study Japanese just so you can sub for some failed subbing group?
* Do you have any clothes with animu characters printed on them?
o Is this most/all of your clothing?
* Do you own a katana?
* Are you the only white person in your kendo class?
* Are you relaxing right now on your futon, wearing a yutaka?
o Are you now saying, "Baka! Baka! It's YUKATA!!"
* Do you use chopsticks instead of a knife and fork?
* Do you use the ^_^, T_T, ., etc. expressions?
* Do you have 'chan', 'neko', 'desu', 'kawaii,' 'miko' or other Weeaboo additives in your nicknames?
o Do you demand your friends to call you by this?
o Is it on your car's license plate?
o If you answered yes to the above, put your car in reverse and let it roll over you
* Do you have a fetish for Azn men/women?
o You know what physical characteristics distinguish the Japanese from other azns - amirite?
* Do you squeal when you're in a store and you see something that's 'totally kawaii'?
* Do you browse 2chan, 4chan, 7chan, 420chan etc?
o Are you a full-blown /b/tard?
* Is a cat fine too?
* Is it awwwright?
* Have you ever enjoyed a Japanese product or thought of doing so?
* Can you choose the sushi-grade tuna every time while blindfolded?
* If you are female, do you make kawaii neko sounds while being pounded at full force in the vagina, ass, and mouth?
* Do you own a Gaia account?
* Are the words baka, kawaii, sugoi, or DESU part of your daily vocabulary?
* You answer the phone, 'moshi moshi,' even though no one, except other weeaboos, know what the fuck you're talking about
* Do you make tabs of JROCK or J-POP songs?
* Are you familiar with any famous Japanese dance choreography?
o Does it include Caramelldansen <- Okay, guys, this is Swedish, not Japanese, you fuckholes! ( don't care its still a weeaboo meme), Otagei, Motteke! Sailor Fuku, or Hare Hare Yukai?
* Do you play Final Fantasy?
* Is your username Honto Kawaii Neko Chan?
o If yes for the earlier, do not go further and immediately jump off a bridge to save humanity
* Have you ever complained about how the translations of anime/manga/video games don't match their Japanese counterparts?
o Was it because they didn't match the fanslations?
* Is 'Kyo' on your MySpace friends list?
o Do you think she (in the loosest sense of the word) is attractive?
* Do you own a Dollfie?
* やらないか?
* いやいや実際にこれが読​めますか?読むにはかな​り時間がかかりますか?​だったら、お前は単なる​Weabooに過ぎないよ! (^O^)<===3 (click the penis to Google translate this sentence)
o Did you just Google translate the above Japanese sentences since you MUST know what it's saying and it's moar than the one Japanese word you know?
o Did you make any corrections to the any of the above Japanese sentences to make them more "authentic"?
* Do you have an account on Mixi, Ameba, or any other Japanese language networking site?
o Does the registration page require you Confirm residence IN Japan?
o Did you have to follow another weeaboo's directions in order to fill out said registration form?
* Have you ever gotten the ban hammer from JapanToday for arguing with the gaijin?
* Did you become butthurt by this quiz and try to change the scoring section explanation from "any of these questions" to "most of these questions"?
o Did you create an account to ED just to do the following above?
o Did you add to the list in order to FURTHER incriminate yourself?
* Is Kairu-kun on your MySpace friends list?
* Do you now, or have you ever, considered or set your cell phone to Tokyo time?
* Is your lifelong dream to live in Japan™?
* Do you follow pikachu on twitter?
* Do you have a youtube like this? Holy fuck, watching one of her videos literally gave me a headache in pain

Did you read all of that quiz? For the good of mankind, become an hero, you're a weeaboo faggot.