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hata smileyn '' :P ''

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Finns det ingen mer i som hatar smileyn '' :P ''..... den är ju såååååå dryg kan inte männsikor lika gärna skriva '' :) ''....
Vem blir inte mer glad av en glad gubbe än nån tung gubbe som man inte vet om den är glad är sur.... XD

det få låta som en hur dum tråd ni vill... men jag måste få fler folk på min sida XD hahah

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xD cards are used in Olympus and Fujifilm digital cameras and Olympus digital voice recorders; Fujifilm also made an MP3 player (xD-MP3) that used the cards. As of 2008[update], xD cards are available in capacities of 16 MiB up to 2 GiB.

As of June 2009[update], it appears that Olympus is beginning to move away from the xD card with the release of the E-P1 camera; it supports only SD memory cards.[2] Likewise, Fuji has also phased out support for xD in favor of SD and SDHC.