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Hej, jag behöver hjälp med min berättelse

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Hej jag skulle behöva hjälp med att stava rätt, grammatik etc för att kunna posta denna berättelse på dom är tydligen väldigt strikta med grammatik stavning etc, så här kommer den (den e på engelska och den är på riktigt)

''Have you and your brother or sister done something sexually? Tell me all details for example, age, gender and location. Sometimes when me and my sister is sharing a bed at a friends house or something like that, I wait until she falls asleep and then I slowly pull down her panties and puts my cock into her ass crack and humps a little and then cum into my hand, I've done this maybe 4-5 times now. I'm 14 and she's 13, she doesn't know about this. And I often make her sit on my lap because she can't sit still so her ass is like rubbing my dick when she sits on my lap and I get a boner instantly and I don't know if she can feel the boner or not but I love it.''

Tack på förhand MVH David

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