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Help with hats and hair

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(Photo:evening dresses) Choosing the right hat can be a real headache - unless you have expert advice on what's hot this season.
There is always an occasion which calls for suitable headwear, whether it's a wedding, a day at the races or upmarket garden party. While many of us would love to don an attention-grabbing hat, deciding which one to wear and what to do with our hair can be tricky. However, if you do find the right one, it can accentuate your best features and hide any bad hair days.
Mayfair-based milliner Laura Apsit Livens has all the insider knowledge you need to stay on trend. Laura's pieces have been worn by stars including singer Jessie J and her latest collection was inspired by a trip to the Amalfi Coast.
First of all, consider your facial features and overall look before you reach for the right hat.
"Suitability is key; height in a hat will lengthen the face and profile," Laura told Cover Media. "Feather and lighter materials will soften hard bone structures and stiffer materials will add strength. You must think about the image from head to toe; are you looking for a bespoke piece for a more individual look or are you more ready to wear?"
Budget is another consideration, obviously ready to wear headpieces will be cheaper than something which has been customised just for you.
Once you have decided how much you want to spend, think about what will suit your hair type and complexion.
"Try to match the tone of your hat to your skin and hair tone," D&J Ambrose Artistic Director, Kieran Tudor, who collaborated with Laura for her Spring/Summer 15 look book, told Cover Media. "Think about how you'll wear your hair with a headpiece - some work best with an updo whereas others suit a hair down look."
Laura's latest collection combines classic shapes and contemporary colour to create an effortlessly Italian chic look.
If you prefer to keep your clothes and shoes neutral, the milliner suggests making a statement with your headwear. Once you have chosen your perfect hat, try it on a few times before the big day so you know exactly how it should sit.
"Keeping an outfit simple with a beautiful pop of bright colour on the headpiece can look incredibly effective," Laura explained. "Placement of the hat is key for comfort; I sometimes fit a client with a matador hat on a diagonal angle for a romantic feel."
Of course, hats don't only need to be dusted off for a fancy day out. They can also be a real lifesaver when your mane is misbehaving.
"If a bad hair day strikes, whip your hair up and pop on a trilby," Kieran advised.