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TheLordofShell (3 veckor sedan) +2 Svara | Skräppost
Hahahaha, niggers

This is why you are a joke to the rest of the world

nalosfire (5 dagar sedan) +2 Svara | Skräppost
This is starting to not even resemble sex anymore.

jimichus (6 dagar sedan) +2 Svara | Skräppost
And we wonder why there is no much aids in africa...

urbanurban12 (1 vecka sedan) +4 Svara | Skräppost
An they say romance is dead

sameoldbrittany (1 vecka sedan) 0 Svara | Skräppost
these people know how to party

corpzah (1 vecka sedan) +3 Svara | Skräppost
can someone please kill them all ?

white ppl have aids too


mina favoriter:

-what has been SEEN - CANNOT be UN-SEEN!
-What in God's name is going on?
-I wish my Thursdays were like that.
-thats how we danced at my junior high prom
-What did I just watch?

-Why is one guy holding a first aid kit and grinding on a girl's ass at one point?
(XD nu undrar jag också det)

-I'm 12 ...
(HAHAHAH typ scarred for life)

-Är det verkligen Rinkeby?
(okej där slutade jag garva...)

-The funny thing is they're doing this without music
(hahahah va ofta?)