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hi swedish people can you please answer

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First of all regards and greetings for you all,

Second i just want to ask somthing about your great sociaty no disrespect or whatever.

I was in exchange school in this boy parents house we are both 13 .

After he got to know me and use it me, he was somtimes going from the shower to the room without anything on him. In front off his parents and sister (17), i don't say he was 24/7 in the nude but like after a shower or swimming.

I asked him about it after all and he said that yes its normal for boys to go nude around the house tell certain age like 14-15 .
Is that right? Is most swedish allowed that

I'm not judge by the way thx u all

is that normal

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You will have as many answers as people, I think, but generally, my humble prejudice would be that nudity is regarded somewhat more "natural" here than in for example USA, and that nudity before ones family is more and more acceptable the younger you are. If he was just going from the shower to his bedroom I do not think that would be such a dramatic thing.  
it varies between families and among individual family members, but up until puberty it's fairly common to see kids frolicking around in the nude. it may be a bit odd among guests, but i don't think any swedish parent would ban their child from walking from the shower to the wardrobe without clothes on.