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Hon var hård och kall som en sten på engelska

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She fell downstairs and I heard her neck crack she went
I ran down quick I dropped to my knees but she's dead
I said, "oh no, god -- please don't die!"
Said, "wake up" as I started to cry
It was too late, he had taken up her soul

I'll never let you go as I screamed into her blank face
Push her in the closet just to keep her ears in place
I feel so hot "oh what the hell", I'd have my way and I'm compelled
As I attacked her cold and clamy flesh

And so in time the months had passed away
Her quality skin become a darkish color grey
Her body became a massive stone her flesh had rotted to the bone
Altough she's gone, my love will never die

She'll never know the way she makes me feel
As she's lying there as cold as steel
It feels so good it goes straight, straight through my brain
And those tears come pouring out - not unlike the rain

Tråden har inga svar… än.