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Human Resource Professional


If you are aHuman Resource Professional, you know how hard it is to find candidates with the right skills, experience, location & salary range.
But we have some bad news for you. Almost half of these candidates will leave the company in less than 12 months.
Companies spend enormous amounts of time and money hiring suitable candidates only to see half of them not fitting into the job.

While the cost of hiring is enormous, the cost of wrong hires is a multiple of ten or more!!
Most HR managers are aware of this problem. However, it is frequently ignored since they do not have the tools to deal with this problem.
At GoodSpace, we have created a tool to help HR professionals hire right the first time. This tool is called the Goodness Score.
Each candidate who joins the GoodSpace platform does a self-assessment of seven personality strengths. These parameters are friendliness, team working, honesty, reliability, kindness, truthfulness & helpfulness. Since no one strength is better than the other and the candidate has no incentive to mark one over the other, this self-assessment is usually accurate. Further candidates are encouraged to get a community assessment of their personality strengths, leading to further moderation and right-sizing their top three strengths.

The GoodSpace algorithm then creates an overall goodness score based on feedback and identifies the top three personality strengths. This score and assessment are then made available to the candidate and employers.
As an HR manager, you can use this score intelligently to reduce the cost of wrong hires.

For example, if you are choosing a salesperson, you may be looking for someone who is a Team Player, Friendly and Helpful – if these are not the top three strengths of the candidate, he may not be the best choice.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an accountant, you may want to see Honesty, Reliability & Truthfulness as the top three personality strengths.
Similarly, it should be easy in most job roles to determine the top three personality strengths and match them with suitable candidates.
This can save you time and effort at the point of recruitment and save your company a great deal of pain at a later stage.