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Något jag skrev till en kille på Msn nyss... Massor av fel och tempusmissar och sånt skit.. Men läs gärna och kommentera!

We’re standing and kissing and caressing each other for a long time. feeling the feelings. the feelings tells us that we are longing for each other. each others´ bodies. i just wanna touch you all over, and you can't stop your hands from touching me on my lower body..
after those minutes i just turn around holding one of you hands and take me with you into the bedroom.
there i start to unbutton your sexy shirt
i look into you eyes and lean forward to give you a passionated kiss ..
then i continue with the buttons..
i caress the shirt over your shoulders and you move your arms to help me make it fall of, to the floor.
i get down on my knees and see that your jeans are so tight around the zipper...
i feel over the fabric with my hand. telling you that you're so hard...
i make you suffer and caress even more.. than i caress your hip, your sexy stomach.. leaning forward and kiss your hip.. i go down to the edge of your jeans .. kiss and play with my tounge..
i take my finger and play with it between your body and the jeans.
i caress with both hands over your crutch and tease you..
then i begin to unbutton your fly.
the jeans are really tight now..
i kiss you at the outside of the fly-area. make you want more..
then, when the whole fly is open i put my hand at the inside of the jeans and slowly make them fall of. you move you feets and we get rid of the jeans.
i rise up to you and caress your chest.
kiss you for a long time. and feeling your boner against my tummy..
so .. i feel your hand around my waist.. you caress me under my tanktop
you take it of me and study my breasts for a moment.
then you take your hand and slowly caress my upper body.. my fit tummy ..
then you move your hands to my breasts and feel them.. they are so warm and soft..
i can't stop the moan..
you look into my eyes and i understand that you wanna take my bra of..
so i nod a little and your hands fondle around to the back and search for the buckle of the bra..
you find it and soon the bra is lying on the floor
you touch my breasts again., then you bend down to kiss them.. ohh i moan again and tell you : that's so good....
then you kiss my breast and Kiss my body all the way up to my mouth.. i answer your kiss and hold you tight. feeling your big boner again..
after a while you loose the grip with one of your hands and i feel it's going down to my pussy..
whispering in your ear: it's so wet hunny..
you get down there with your fingers, moaning when you feel how wet i am.
you feel how warm and wet i am and start to move your finger in a circle over my clitoris , like you already know what i like..
i moan , beacuse i understand that you are good at this stuff...and you continue
im holding my arms around you and .. take one of my hands and move it to your boner.. let my hand and my fingers take a soft grip around it..
then you moan and i begin to move my hand up and down.... you moan again and i ask you if it feels good.. you can only moan and i understand that it's good
then you stop caressing me, and i react by stop moving myhand
then we smile to each other, you look gorgeous and your hair is wild....
i move my hand to your neck and bring you closer to me .. kiss you arousing..
then i ask you, why are we standing here? you say i don't know..
i steer you to the position were you stand with the back towards the foot side of the bed.. and then i stand in front of you,, kiss your collar bone.. licking it and continue to kiss up to your ear..
i kiss your ear lobe.. then i hear you moan.. and wanna give you more.. i play with my tounge on the back of your ear and at the same time i move my hands arousing in your neck.. just wanna have more now!
i kiss you towards the mouth.. over our cheek..
then you answer my kiss and i grab your upper arms and push you down at the bed..
i creep down to you in a very sexy way, removing the locks of hair from my face..
then i throw my hair to one side of my head, look into your eyes and bend down to your boner..
i caress your hips with my hands.. tease you with kisses in your groin.
then i slowly kiss closer and closer to your boner..
i kiss it with my juicy lips,, playing with my tounge on your glans..
i look up into your eyes,, and moan . tell you you're so sexy...
i return to look at your boner, and grab it with my hand.. slowly move my hand up and down..
you moan..
then i bend down to kiss your glans.,.holding my hand still..
i kiss it softly and then i grab your boner a bit harder, wet my lips and slowly let you penis penetrate between my warm lips..
i begin to move my hand up and down in the tempo of my mouth moving up and down,, taking a lot of your boner into it...
then i move my hand around - making a turn at the same time it goes up everytime.. at the same time as i play with my tounge on your glans and you can't stop a loud moan..
i keep on doing it for a while and you're lying there, enjoying the feelings and waiting for more..
suddenly i stop and let my hand leave your boner...
my lips havn't left it yet, i kiss your boner for a while licking from the root and up to the glans..
i do it several times and caress over your hips and muscular tummy at the same time..
then i move my kisses down to your scrotum.. i tickle one ball and you moan... you caress my neck with one hand and move the other one back and forward on your boner.. say it's soo good...

längre hann jag inte innan han loggade ut.. synd.. [cute]

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hallå???! "Massor av fel och tempusmissar och sånt skit.. "


förlåt den va säkert bra men your engliglish suck du måte plugga mer engelska asså

haha, hur bra är din engliglish då? Du menar säker English. Och suck ska va "sucks" där!! För du vet English är "det" och då lägger man på "s" på verbet. HA HA HA


Fan vilken dålig engelska ^^

Tack för visat intresse , eller nått

Ja, men vad kul att killen, som är bäst på engelska eftersom han är australiensare tyckte det var asbra i alla fall . Jag skiter fullständigt i om ni roar er med att kritisera.