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Imma snowboardin' butterfly' lovin' Puddinpiepizzaslice

1925 1 19

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shipwrecked and landwashed, that's what's been a waitin' for us if the tides don't turn and lead us to the crossing of the three streams. at dusk and dawn the clouds will shatter and bring forth both light and lightning, wind and weather; let's hope for jaguars and the wide-winged macaw.

say  three ends ended running to ease all sun surrendering astma aiders  singing scornfully spongy songs 'bout I dunno what they don't. threw oranges at the planets last year now they've all got twins s'not nice s'what it is. does the jaguar and wide-winged macaw team up to eat orangeplanettwins? that would be an absolute aid in all 

the clouds are all we got! how to keep up moral when bad luck keeps leaping forth from eyeballs and alike? the wide-winged macaw and the jaguar be both enemies of the state of state they eat everything that comes along the skyline searching for better wigs. the aid be tardy this time a year

What is all this madness this rolling lies of fat wolves could it be not the one that know not now is that possibly the case of the chicken feet who would know tons of falling flies they clean the water the living birds will have a feast on a sotted creature chairs were to be put on the legs but the basket of good time was had 

not really the class of flesh say nay dance like a fluffy dressed up jaguar and smile for a smile kills like killers smile 

dance for the pleasure of dancing with pretty girls with pistols with knives that are like the inventions of snakes that come after you in the cold dark night never leaving you alone or allowing you to escape from the madness.  if the wind is southerly we can tell them apart but if it isn't maybe there'll be nothing left of us