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It can never be

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Förlåt om jag typ spammar dikt forumet men jag kände för att lägga upp denna dikt också, den handlar också om serien legend of the seeker, dock skrev jag den för några månader sen x)

Forbidden love:
A man cast a quick gaze at her
She is the love of his life
That’s the truth, a fact for sure
But in his heart he knows, they can never be one, they can never unite

A woman stands in the shadow, she watches his every move
She doesn’t want to love him, but she do, with all of her heart
She would destroy him, their love she must disapprove
If she could she would rewind everything, she would restart

A man and a woman love each other
Their love is eternal, their love is strong
They know that they cannot take their love any further
They will find a way someday, somehow, no matter how many times they get it wrong