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Jag är kär i en tjej. Hon har fått en dikt av mig en gång som hon tyckte var jättefin :D Jag håller på med en till, denna gång på engelska och inte svenska :)

Vad tycks?

Här är dikten:

My mind is blown up with a thought of a girl,
a girl which I see, as a wonderful pearl.
Don't let me sit here with my heart full of pain,
I'll be Tarzan and you'll be my Jane!

I wonder with thoughts if you do like me,
I want to spend the rest of my life with thee.
Your mysterious beauty is mostly delightful,
my thoughts of you make me scared and frightful.

As I wander in the woods with magical trees,
and the temperature is nearly zero degrees.
I think of you and your wonderful charm,
those are the things that will keep me warm.

As the snow falls like a feathers to the ground,
and when I in the deepest love have been drowned.
I will not ever again stop thinking of you,
if I do, I probably have been killed by tae kwon do.

You will see that I deeply are,
only the wrapped paper of a chocolate bar.
As an empty shell of wonder and frightness,
I stand here empty, waiting for your "Yes!".

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