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Kan någon snäll person hjälpa mig?

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Joo, det är såhär att jag har engelsk läxa. Jag har lite problem med gramatik och så. Finns det någon som skulle kunna hjälpa mig och rätta den?
Skulle bli sjukt tacksam! [smile][smile][love]

In the article The Science of shopping, published in the magazine Focus on December 2004, Clara Penn reports how retailers are becoming ever more sophisticated and cunning. Their tactics from sensory attacks to shopping computers.

Penn explain that for each year that has passed, studies have shown that competition between retailers has increased. More products are getting launched to the market. Prices play an important role, depending on shop to shops.
Now retailers have begin to use computers in the shop to make us buy easier with some button, and some shopping sensations like sound, touch, sight, smell and taste to attract passers-by and so on.

My opinion: I think the retailers have the right to do what it takes to attract us customers. They all have their own tactics and some is just too serious, for example they pump sweet aromas in the store.
In my opinion, to let the retailers use their own tactics does not affect us. That they play different music, letting us taste, or provide us with more luxury only affect them.
I also think that all these overreacted tactics to tempt us customers into retailers