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Längsta låten?

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Bara original versioner räknas. Den längsta jag kan komma på är Three Minute Warning av Liquid Tension Experiment från deras album 1998. Låten består av 5 delar, men dom heter samma sak och dom flyter ihop perfekt och man skulle inte veta att det var olika låtar om man inte kollade på spellistan. 27,94 minuter.

Någon låt som är längre?
"Three Minute Warning" is a reference to the recording sessions where Levin wanted to improvise as opposed to Petrucci and Portnoy wanting to carefully write songs. Levin eventually told the others that if they didn't start to jam in three minutes, he'd just go home. The song "Three Minute Warning" is a recording of what followed. The recording was so unexpectedly fluent that the recording tape ran out after about 27 minutes into the jam, but luckily Portnoy's DAT recorder archived the ending as well. The back cover of the CD says: "CAUTION: "Three Minute Warning" is not for the musically faint-hearted, impatient, or critics of extreme self-indulgence. If you fall into any of the above categories, please hit the stop button on your CD player after track # 8."

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Fantômas "låt" Delìrium Còrdia är rätt långlivad.

The music, which was composed solely by Patton, could be described as the score to a horror movie and/or concept album centering on the theme of surgery without anesthesia. The album consists of a single track that runs for 74 minutes and 17 seconds.
Concerto for Viola and Orchestra av Benjamin Yusupov är min längsta just nu (47:57). Men jag vet att Amarok av Mike Oldfield är 1h lång.

Mina 5 längsta låtar:
Benjamin Yusupov-Concerto for Viola and Orchestra 47.57
Robert Ashley-The Bottleman 43.30
Natural Snow Buildings-Four-Armed Protector 41.55
Hild Sofie Tafjord-Kama 41.07
Boredoms-LIVWE! 40.29