Forumet - Lite härlig piratcybering på omegle, synd att snubben stack.

Lite härlig piratcybering på omegle, synd att snubben stack.

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You: Wanna cyber?
Stranger: asl?
You: 16, f, sweden
You: u?
Stranger: 21 m argentina
Stranger: what is cyber?
You: Do you want to cyber or not?
Stranger: what is cyber?
Stranger: web cam?
You: like dirty roleplaying
Stranger: show me how
Stranger: never done it
You: nono, here
Stranger: its my first time ina chat room
You: okay
You: I start
You: I am lying in the bathtub, whn you come home, I hear you open your door
You: what do you do?
Stranger: first
Stranger: describe yourself
Stranger: so i can imagine
You: okay, sorry
You: I am slightly tanned, I have shoulder-long, semi-blond har
You: quite large breasts
Stranger: your eyes?
You: and I am lying in the hot bathtub, waiting for you
You: I am grren/blue-eyed
Stranger: i come from a long day of work
Stranger: and i had been waiting all day to see you
Stranger: i dont want to talk to you at all
Stranger: just be with you
You: yes, come here baby
Stranger: so i open the bathrooms door
You: caution, the floor is quite slippery
Stranger: so i fall down
You: oh!
You: Did you break something?
Stranger: no
Stranger: i stand up
Stranger: in front of you
Stranger: while youre in the tub
You: sorry I did not warn you earlier
You: I am lying here, moaning slightly
You: the water is so hot
Stranger: you will have to make it up to me
You: Oh, in what way?
You: some...service I can do to make you happy?
Stranger: i start to touch your face
Stranger: with the tips of my fingers
Stranger: and your hair
You: are you touthing my face with my hair?
Stranger: no
You: it tickles
Stranger: with my fingers haha
Stranger: and also your hair with my fingers
You: oh, ok
You: I do not feel anything with my hair
You: try to rub my scalp
Stranger: i look deep into your eyes
Stranger: i do
Stranger: the back of your ears
Stranger: and neck
You: mhmm, that feel good
Stranger: but wait
Stranger: yo have to make it up
Stranger: not me
You: oh, what do you want me to do baby?
Stranger: try something
You: I'll do anything
You: ok
You: ok
Stranger: i want a surprise
Stranger: i dotn want to tell you
You: I start to lick you, down your stomach
Stranger: i like tha
Stranger: t
You: passing your more sensitive parts, getting lower
You: all the way down your wooden leg
You: do you like it?
Stranger: im a pirate?
You: Are you not?
You: I kinda just guessed you where
You: I like pirates
Stranger: hahahahaha
Stranger: so
Stranger: what are you?
You: the fantasy turned out that way
You: I am a piratess
You: no wooden leg
You: ^^
Stranger: yeah im not very much into wooden legs
Stranger: so thats cool
You: You don't mind my little fetish, though?
You: kk
You: thank you
You: :)
You: I kinda thin yours is cute
You: anyway..
Stranger: yeah i can have a wood leg
Stranger: or two ;)
Stranger: hahahah
You: I start to slowly tickle your scrotch
You: yelling "ARRRGH"
Stranger: omygod
Stranger: im a little scared
You: I do get what I want
Stranger: so
Stranger: my dick starts geting hard and big
You: I hope you do not mind my crook?
You: you know, a hook to replace my arm
You: It can work wonders
Stranger: thats cool as long as you dont have a wooden vagina
You: No, no vagina
Stranger: no wooden vagina
You: sure, sure
Stranger: so
Stranger: i take it out of my pants
You: take what out of you pants?
Stranger: my dick
You: oh, that is scary
You: I have never seen such a big one
Stranger: but its not scary
You: not sinve the day I fucked a whale
Stranger: its beautiful
You: oh, ok
You: I can see that now
Stranger: and i take good care of it
You: Oh, I do like that
Stranger: so you should treat it nicely
You: I start to rub the dick, with tht beutiful metal curve attatched to my arm
You: sloowly
You: you start to moan

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