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tråkigt att alex lämnade, gillade verkligen [love]

"but, i will go straight to the main point of this post because i know most of you won't read until the end. (but can you please do?) i will not be part of mark&alex anymore. it's just a healthy decision, as much as it is for me than it is for mark. when we first started the band, we never thought it would eventually become serious, and lately it's just been getting so serious that it freaks me out. i wasn't ready for any of that. dropping college, leaving my family, leaving my friends, and touring? no, it's not my lifetime goal. as much as i love music, and really enjoy writing songs, music isn't something i am ready for right now. i feel bad because some people will never have the chance i had to get their music known, and what do i do with mine? i just drop it. but i need to do it. mark is older than i am, and has a lot more experience and talent than i do when it comes to music. he is ready to put all of his energy in this career. i believe he will continue doing music, while i might someday, come out with something i've done myself. who knows, i've got many years ahead, or at least, i hope i do."

- alex evans