Forumet - Mitt Självmordsbrev

Mitt Självmordsbrev

1953 0 27
cling on to the ironweed looking back on the mirror
happened to touch something horrible
the mirror of myself
we're all snowleopards
and i wouldn't dare to live unless i knew
i could kill myself and be free
to drink beneath an alcoholic god
beating bottles to the core
the earth turns drunkenly to it's side
"Oh god, you're back in town"

nobody has seen allen
where did he go
thompson's gone too
ridin' busses for kicks
kissin ladies and giving bottles licks
doc says i got cancer
first thing i've ever gotten right
he's a man
don't matter whose whining or dyin'
it's all too bad
i've got a dollar
for a bottle give me more
it could be a cold night
shufflin' dirt at the rainroad railway graveyard
drink on down the road
stone the pupils of your mind
and never come back
for nothing's worth it's price
and the ride just keeps on gettin' slower.

but no one has to die alone
when your stoned, send the invites
to the beverages of heaven
or the ironweed of hell

see you
you are loved.


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