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My namne is James Clak and I com from a landfar far away

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Shapter 1

Hello this is my Personal story an´bout me and my wife family.Let start with me my name is aHJames and I come from a lian far far away. I live now is San Diego and my best frens is Camilla. I am 21 years old. I have a dog me and Camilla used to go aut to rest the dog. But nowadays we are too old for that so the god goes out by itselves.

One day The 23 of august, it was an ordinary day. Me and my wife Petronella should go out to rest the dog outseida, the dog names is is Ounitsia. She is 4 years old now a border collie which is my personel god. Dog*.
Shaopitter 2

The day was here as we told about in Shapter 1. The 23 of augusi. "Meat day" as its called here in Sweden. To desbribe it, its a big carnival weher all people get to geteher to celebrate the end of summer and start of harvest. Much food comes in harvest times so you can say all promise to me about future. Anyway The dog had never been in harvest before so she got totally confused and stardted barking in swedish.
Vooov"!!! Voovvv!!! Voov! she said.
I got wery much angry ofcouse so i slap her in the face wicked dog ha ha sheme on her. But then my wife hwo is also my soceond best friend but that si another story you see. She say to me:
James why Yoi slapping dog in face?
And ofcours I ahave to respect meself and get andgy to her. You se in my country where i come from a woman can not speak unless she wants to get killed. So later in the evening i took forward my wodden axe and i choppend her head off. The dog i kept becaosue dogs dont understand tradition and also it was a puppie.
Part 3 - The big start for me and Camilla

Harverst is over. Camilla comes to me and says: hey, now that your wife is out of picture lets get together on a date. Camilla was born here in Seweden and she was my personal assistent beause i have a handicapp you see. Nowt everyone is born with the golden shoe/spoon in mouth. My hanidkap i shall not foretell by now it is wery personal. So not.

This is a sex story novell so lets get to that part. Later in the evening Camilla feeded me wehit Seidish Spoon in mouther with Spout. Soup. Dog is not present. So I say to her: you beautidful swedish lady, I give you speciel price on this.

I sell drugs i sell watches i sell sun glasses i sell evrything you can need.
She say to me But James? Why have not you told me this before? You will nefver get to hevaen if you sell drugs and all sorts of shitts like Sun Glases.
Jaemes! !Q!!! My head was about to explode. Camilla was chiristian person who read the bible and pray to "God" so i say to her listen now to me God is onley a word who you can not just close yur eyes for evrything that is hapending and expect all to your workoput and act all mental störd!!! (hehe i leardt that word "störd" alrdeady)

And she anseweded not to me. She got seilit like a marbel. I Think this explains a lot.

Later in the evning i was so andgry to her that i killed her too and then i fucked her face all night long while the dog was watching. Lovely dog.

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Chapitter 4 - The James

Okey lets move on. Not can you stop the future because someone died. "The sohow mush go ON" as i use to say. My wife is dead my Camilla is dead but Dog is Live. The date is 4/2 of September.

Dog! You the only person i can trust. I shall now take you for a walk in the park. My plan was to have sex with the dog behind a bush without andyone notice but ofceousre i could not tell that to dog,. I love dog but sometimes you have to cross the borders of faith to get on the edge ofd living in selebration. Life is a party wery much so is my. So yes, you can agree on this. Dog say to me: Well,as long as The James wants my best i shall do as he wants. i am not wused to going outsige but now i followe him. Okey dog.
Chappiter 5 my new firende
Once upon time i stardted writing down my life in paper on webb called . A gilr wrote to me there and we are now becoming friende. Dog is dead. I shall not tell my plans for hem furute. I plan faith for you, blivande_japan, you are now my best friede So lets get together sometinmes and take a coup os soup manye you can feed like Camilla youesd to? [wink] Personal invitation for a date with Very Sexy Man.


I shall telling you about life and wonders. Please com to me.