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Finns många rollspel med stor del problemlösning i. Det bästa rådet jag kan ge är Planescape: Torment; Förutom att det är en helt underbart surrealistisk värld som det utspelar sig i kretsar mycket av storyn kring dialoger. Det är inte så mycket letande efter ledtrådar som i form av blodspår och fingeravtryck, utan mer genom att tala med alla och fråga rätt saker och liknande. Dessutom har det en mycket vacker och välskriven dialog.

“So this… this meeting echoes a meeting in the past?”
“The now and then — very… similar? So tangled the now-and-then is, both mirrored in each other… once and again, you come a-fore me with a problem, to challenge me for a solution to an impossibility.” Ravel hissed at me, and her eyes blazed. “Beautiful, ungrateful, beloved man!”
“What was this impossibility I asked you to solve?” Ravel didn’t seem to have heard me — she still seemed to be in the past, for her eyes dimmed, as if looking far away.
“Such fire in your eyes, enough to stir a Gray Lady’s heart… passion to be free, but when freed, the fire in your eyes guttered out. With the separation, your life has shed all meaning, I fear.” Ravel smiled with her yellowed fangs, then clicked them together, as if laughing. “Mayhap you should sit on your hind legs and limp your forepaws — mayhap Ravel will give you a another scrap of knowing.”
“I will not beg for your aid, Ravel. I will ask, nothing more.”
“As it ever was for you, you would not bend your knee to me, my precious man.”
“Ravel, I have many questions I wish to ask you…”
“Oh, more questions do you have?” Ravel crooned softly, but there was an edge to it, as if she was reprimanding me. “Tchhh-tcchhh. But you have already asked soooo many.” Ravel’s black-veined eyes took on a curious gleam. “The time for my questions is now, half-man. Know this and know Ravel’s law: if you do not answer my questions, no more of your questions will I answer, my precious man. Step a-lightly with the answers, or the asking shall tear you apart…”
“Your rules are fair. Ask your questions, Ravel.”
“I would know why you traveled here with these others… know not the place they were traveling to?”
“Of course they knew. Who would not want to travel here to meet with you, beautiful Ravel? Few opportunities does life provide for such a meeting. They wished to see if the tales of your power and beauty were true… as I knew them to be.”
Ravel stared at me for a moment in silence, then her face split into a horrendous grin, her row of yellowed fangs glistening in the faint light of her eyes. “Ahhhh… my precious man, you carry only words…” A blackish tongue darted from her purple lips, and rolled around the rim of her mouth, as if in anticipation of a meal. “…but you are well armed, indeed…” She nodded slowly, and her grin faded. “And they travel with you willingly?”
“They chose to walk my path with me. As I said, who wouldn’t wa—”
“Chose? Ahh… a dangerous word. Is it so?” Ravel threw a black-veined glance at Dak'kon, her voice like an arrow.
“Is it choice, gith? Is it? Or is it a matter of two skies?” Dak'kon’s blade bled into a vicious dead black, mirroring his eyes… and to my surprise, the karach edge silently split into jagged fangs. I felt anger; I was the one who had come to question her. I was the one with whom she had made her bargain.