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Någon som spelar tibia?

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Slår man själv? Jag spelar DDO [blush]

Oh, har också det spelet, fast inte spelat det så mycket. Bara kommit till Is draken. [bigsmile]

Kör du High quality eller low DDO?

Lite fakta för er andra om DDO.

Dungeons & Dragons Online
(612 votes, average: 3.97 / 5)

Publisher: Turbine
Playerbase: High
Graphics: High Quality
EXP Rate: Slow
PvP: Duels / Arenas
Filesize: 2.8 GB standard, 3.8 GB high res.

Pros: +Detailed character creation process. +More or less faithful to the D&D 3.5 ruleset. +Fast paced gameplay. +Dungeons can be run solo or with parties.

Cons: -Some races, classes, & areas require payments to access. -Difficult character progression, especially for those unfamiliar with D&D.