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Någon som vill chatta på engelska

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Are you to suggest that we are to converse through P.Ms?
Well now, ought it not indeed have been ever so much more appropriate to seek out a more suitable site, perhaps preferably sites which are designed with the very soul-purpose to advance ones skills in the english language? As there are quite a few of such sites out there which I would recommend for you to take a look at instead.
I do not state that it is an utter terrible idea to attempt to converse with other users over forums, as a matter of fact, it is not... at first glance. Although as the community are on such vastly different levels of skill when it comes to converse in their second language, it would most likely rarely be very rewarding for any of the parties to do so, and by so an utmost poor method of learning. Also, it would be rather difficult to find users with the very same interest in mind in the first place, /or willingly if you do so prefer.
Therefore... it is in my belief that it would be a much more of a wiser choice and far more effective for you to seek a more fitting site designed for this purpose and for your interest where all of the users have the same strive — to achieve improvements in the very language.

Or what you could do is to register an account on a forum where the community is english-spoken. But then again, it does not seem to me to be the most effective method around.