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Jag har gjort en gammal nationella provet som finns till förfogande på nätet. Music är ju temat då.

Jag vill verkligen öva inför NpEngA som äger rum den 24 april för oss ettor. Så jag har suttit, i 80 min som är tidsbegränsningen, och skrivit detta ( utan ordbok eller dyl.)

Någon som skulle kunna betygsätta den? Det är jättesvårt, jag vet. Men kan ni åtminestone försöka och gärna säga varför den förtjänade det betyget? På nätet ( skolverket) finns det någon bedömningsmall som underlättar bedömningen om någon skulle vara intresserad. Tack på förhand! [smile]

Här är den:

The power of music

Who has not ever dreamed about to be like ones idol? Most of the people, especially teenagers and children in young ages, follow their idols footsteps which form their personalities. But is that good or bad? If I say that it is bad to follow one idol’s footsteps, how dare I say that it is bad? The big question is; can music affect ones personal life in a good way?

In our society we can obviously see that people dress in different ways, everything from dark clothes to intensive coloured clothes. What kinds of clothes we wear depends on what kind of personality we have.

For a very long time ago I used to listen at rock music, which means that I also used to wear very dark clothes. But when I grew up, I suddenly changed music style automatically. The strange thing was that I was not aware of it, it just happened. Today I have very different clothes, more colourful and happier clothes.

Nowadays I listen to varied music; I have a favourite music singer though. Her name is X and she is a singer who affect people deep into the heart. She is very different from the others singers. The messages of her lyrics have powerful meanings which can change your life totally; you see everything on the bright side after you have listened to Xs’ songs. That is something that I can bet my life on, you will have another perspective on the life

What I want to say to you as a reader is that there are no artists who have bad influence on people. That is something that you imagined, but sometimes you have to feel with the heart and not just think with the brain. Every music style is adapted after ones personality. People! Let us follow and fulfil our dreams.

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