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Nu grabbar vet ni vad ni gör fel!

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Kollade på min favoritsida där de precis lagt upp ännu en underbar lista.
Och denna gången hadlar det om:

6 Things Men Do To Get Laid That Science Says Turn Women Off.

Och dessa saker är:

#6.Talking to Her

''If you feel like you sound stupid when you talk to women, don't worry, you do. In a recent study, men chatted with attractive women and then were subjected to basic tests. They failed miserably''

#5.Acting Interested

''But research shows there is a least a little bit of a factual basis behind their bullshit. In his book The Game, journalist Neil Strauss entered the world of the pick-up artist and learned one important thing: Women like men who ignore them. According to his experience, your best bet at getting a girl is walking up to her group and completely ignoring her, while chatting away to her less attractive friends.''


''Scientists say if you suck at dancing, it signals to women that you're a bad mating partner. It's a subconscious sign that your testosterone levels are lower than average, which means you're not up to a lady's baby-making standards. And your awkward moves on the dance floor may have evolved as a neon flashing sign to warn women to steer clear of you and your inferior DNA.''

#3.Complimenting Her Looks

''Shockingly, women really do want you to care about more than their great tits. In a study by one of the leading dating sites on the Web, they found that telling a woman she was attractive actually made her more likely to reject you.''

#2.Being Nice

''We really hate to say it but women are scientifically proven to like "bad boys." Apparently there is something called the "dark triad" (dibs on the band name) of personality traits that still exist and even flourish in humans despite the fact that, evolutionarily, they are bad for the continuation of the species.''

#1.Having the Wrong Name

''You can blame your parents for this one. Apparently, your first name can drastically influence how successful you are and, yes, even how attractive people consider you. According to a study of 6,000 people, men named Michael, James and David are the clear winners, with all three placing in the top ten for Most Successful, Luckiest, and yes, Most Attractive names. George and Paul on the other hand? Well, just resign yourselves to a life of minimum wage jobs, accidents and loneliness (unless you're a Beatle, apparently).''

Hela artikeln kan ni läsa här:

Men vad tror ni?
Stämmer detta eller är det helt galet?

klart man vill att killen ska prata med en, vad ska han annars göra?

Okej, kan erkänna att jag gillar killar som ignorerar mig, men det är snarare så att KILLAR SOM JAG GILLAR ignorerar mig.. och det gör mig vansinnig och olycklig..

så ja.. om ni vill göra en kvinna desperat och olyckligt kär, ignorera henne, go on!

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