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Nuclear Hazard

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Tänkte bara kolla vad folk tycker om första sidan ur min lilla engalska dystopia novell [smile]

Nuclear hazard

I glanced upon the sky, it was as dark as any of the black spots on the sidewalk which once were humans, when the bombs exploded, and the ground heated up to almost 5000 degrees Celsius, they melted to the ground, and are now just a shadow from the past.
I had never set my eyes upon the sun. Just a faint bitter light that circled the sky day after day. I lived in a deserted building with a small group of survivors. Even though the A-war ended over thirty years ago, we still considered everyone a survivor, even if they had not experienced the war. We did this because there were still victims, newborn babies with deformation is still common to this day. And radiation sickness was as usual as a fever. Mankind’s middle age has decreased to twenty. And the population of earth is now under 12 millions.

I lived with eight other survivors, but I am not related to any of them, even to have a memory of your parents is rare. I curse every single one who is so heartless to give birth to a child to this world, to live and be alive is to separate things, you cannot say that you are alive when you live on cockroaches and rats, and you spend almost all day sitting on a cold concrete floor in an old parking lot, with only one thing in your mind, will I wake up tomorrow? Sometimes I hope not.

The only thing that keeps everyone going is to one day maybe feel the sun in your back, and trees which does not look like they have been massacred with a chainsaw and then been set on fire. Hope my friend, only makes us suffer more in the end. Cause we all know deep inside, that it is not the truth. And we, as all the others will die on this concrete floor and the bright, green future will not be seen by anyone.

‘’I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)’’

The war between heaven and hell has ended, Lucifer has won, and the lord’s promise has been broken.