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Ny Musikvideo Från Min Grupp!

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Videon är Inspelad i Malmö och heter "The Takeover", hade varit kul om ni kommenterade och skriver vad ni tycker om den!

Text: Tobie Teezy
Beat: Guilty Simpson - Get riches instrumental
Mix: Tobie Teezy
Video edit: Digital Dirt


(Tobie Teezy)

Im proud to be original, im workin for myself/
Aint nobody tell me what to do cause i dont need no help/
- Hustle is a lifestyle, i hustle til i die/
Cause how many nonhustlers are found to be alive?'/

Im born to this nature, like MJ to pop/
Cause im speedin like ross, im not plannin to stop/
- Music is my drug throught this life full of probs/
Got haters runnin after me like im chased by cops/
- I love hatered, haters give me hype/
When they're actin like they want sum but affraid to go a fight/
I'll knock u through my music, see music is my thing/
Tobie Tyson on ur bitch ass, i see u in the ring/

Dirty dirty south, im a ryder for life/
While i bust on bad boys with my lyrical knife/
So i heard you wanna test me, well test me like a man/
Ima beast motherfucker and im glad you understand/

[ Young Stunna ]

- Young Stunna, just a thug, not a gee/
- Independent playa, loco dirtbag emcee/
Chaos at your driveway, im cruisin through your hood/
Middle finger to the haters, ima self-made crook/

- Haters wanna get me, wanna get me for my stach/
They wanna fuck my mind up cause my business runnin fast/
- Im untouchble, its simple as that/
Call me MC Hammer boy, when im bringin it back/

Reality's a bitch, but im payin this hoe/
- Life's a entertainment and you're payin for show/
Im not payin for shit but u're payin for this/
Im the show you talkin bout while you're suckin my dick/

Infinity for ever cause i ride till i die/
This aint bee gees playa, u aint stayin alive/
You're one hit wonder while i ball til i fall/
Cause you're goin down down down like jay sean/

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texten var inte den bästa, refrängen pinsam, första killens uttal ganska dåligt, och de korta stunderna ni sjöng istället för rappade lät det som målbrottsproblem.

Vet inte vad jag ska säga om videon, tycker att hela gangster-/gängstuket är rätt töntigt, men nu lyssnar jag inte på den sortens musik i vanliga fall, vissa gillar det säkert.