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Det har tydligen funnits någon tråd om det här tidigare, men som är dead and gone och låst och... sådär.



Det handlar alltså om ett antal frågor som sedan leder till ett resultat av de 16 olika resultat som går att få.

Nå? Vad blev du? [surprised]

Och ja, det finns många sidor med liknande test, på engelska n' shit, som DET HÄR. Men min erfarenhet hittills är att samtliga jag gjort gett samma resultat, men om ni vill dubbelkolla!

HÄR går det att läsa mer ingående om de olika typerna med. Hur de fungerar i olika sammanhang och sådär.
Extravert (E) 10%
Introvert (I) 90%

Sinnesförnimmelse (S) 70%
Intuition (N) 30%

Tanke (T) 60%
Känsla (F) 40%

Bedömning (J) 40%
Varseblivning (P) 60%

Din MBTI-profil är: ISTP

Betonat: stämmer
Kursiv: stämmer inte
Ingetdera: varken eller

As an ISTP, your primary mode of living is focused internally, where you deal with things rationally and logically. Your secondary mode is external, where you take things in via your five senses in a literal, concrete fashion.

ISTPs have a compelling drive to understand the way things work. They're good at logical analysis, and like to use it on practical concerns. They typically have strong powers of reasoning, although they're not interested in theories or concepts unless they can see a practical application. They like to take things apart and see the way they work.

ISTPs have an adventuresome spirit. They are attracted to motorcycles, airplanes, sky diving, surfing, etc. They thrive on action, and are usually fearless. ISTPs are fiercely independent, needing to have the space to make their own decisions about their next step. They do not believe in or follow rules and regulations, as this would prohibit their ability to "do their own thing". Their sense of adventure and desire for constant action makes ISTPs prone to becoming bored rather quickly.

ISTPs are loyal to their causes and beliefs, and are firm believers that people should be treated with equity and fairness. Although they do not respect the rules of the "System", they follow their own rules and guidelines for behavior faithfully. They will not take part in something which violates their personal laws. ISTPs are extremely loyal and faithful to their "brothers".

ISTPs like and need to spend time alone, because this is when they can sort things out in their minds most clearly. They absorb large quantities of impersonal facts from the external world, and sort through those facts, making judgments, when they are alone.

ISTPs are action-oriented people. They like to be up and about, doing things. They are not people to sit behind a desk all day and do long-range planning. Adaptable and spontaneous, they respond to what is immediately before them. They usually have strong technical skills, and can be effective technical leaders. They focus on details and practical things. They have an excellent sense of expediency and grasp of the details which enables them to make quick, effective decisions.

ISTPs avoid making judgments based on personal values - they feel that judgments and decisions should be made impartially, based on the fact. They are not naturally tuned in to how they are affecting others. They do not pay attention to their own feelings, and even distrust them and try to ignore them, because they have difficulty distinguishing between emotional reactions and value judgments. This may be a problem area for many ISTPs.

An ISTP who is over-stressed may exhibit rash emotional outbursts of anger, or on the other extreme may be overwhelmed by emotions and feelings which they feel compelled to share with people (often inappropriately). An ISTP who is down on themself will foray into the world of value judgments - a place which is not natural for the ISTP - and judge themself by their inability to perform some task. They will then approach the task in a grim emotional state, expecting the worst.

ISTPs are excellent in a crisis situations. They're usually good athletes, and have very good hand-eye coordination. They are good at following through with a project, and tying up loose ends. They usually don't have much trouble with school, because they are introverts who can think logically. They are usually patient individuals, although they may be prone to occasional emotional outbursts due to their inattention to their own feelings.

ISTPs have a lot of natural ability which makes them good at many different kinds of things. However, they are happiest when they are centered in action-oriented tasks which require detailed logical analysis and technical skill. They take pride in their ability to take the next correct step.

ISTPs are optimistic, full of good cheer, loyal to their equals, uncomplicated in their desires, generous, trusting and receptive people who want no part in confining commitments.

Stämde sådär, med andra ord.

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Extravert (E) 50%
Introvert (I) 50%

Sinnesförnimmelse (S) 70%
Intuition (N) 30%

Tanke (T) 30%
Känsla (F) 70%

Bedömning (J) 35%
Varseblivning (P) 65%

Din MBTI-profil är: ESFP

ESFP vill ha roligt. Jobbet ska vara roligt - annars får det vara, utropade en ESFP till mig. Styrkan är utåtriktad sinnesförnimmelse, vilket bland annat innebär att man agerar snabbt, när oväntade saker händer. Man har också vässade sinnen. Styrkan backas upp av värderingar som rör harmoni och vad som är rätt i relationer. Stundens trevligheter kan göra att man inte alltid är så förtänksam.
Extravert (E) 60%
Introvert (I) 40%

Sinnesförnimmelse (S) 20%
Intuition (N) 80%

Tanke (T) 30%
Känsla (F) 70%

Bedömning (J) 55%
Varseblivning (P) 45%

Din MBTI-profil är: ENFJ

ENFJ är ofta diskret drivande i relationer - diplomatiska med andra ord. Styrkan är utåtriktad känsla: Man har ett starkt intresse för andra, parad med en förmåga att sätta sig in i andras situation. Detta leder till en god förmåga att hantera relationer. Styrkan färgas av visioner om möjligheter för människor. Den utåtriktade känslan tenderar att bedöma information så att man ser det man vill se. ENFJ kan till exempel driva sina lojaliteter alltför långt.

Stämde väldigt bra! (Du röstade på detta alternativ)

Extravert (E) 0%
Introvert (I) 100%

Sinnesförnimmelse (S) 15%
Intuition (N) 85%

Tanke (T) 20%
Känsla (F) 80%

Bedömning (J) 60%
Varseblivning (P) 40%

Din MBTI-profil är: INFJ

KOD: 1

INFJ möter andra med stillsam vänlighet och omtanke. Styrkan är inåtvänd intuition: De bygger upp starka personliga visioner om hur man vill att saker ska bli, reflekterar över de djupare innebörderna i det som händer. Omgivningen kan ha svårt att följa med i tankegångarna, som kan uppfattas som abstrakta. Man kan missta sig på den milda fasaden - INFJ håller hårdnackat fast vid sina idéer.

Om det är 20/80 mellan tanke och känsla vetefan... jag tänker väldigt mycket, men kanske känner ännu mer.

Lånar Schisms markeringar!

Betonat: stämmer
Kursiv: stämmer inte
Ingetdera: varken eller

The INFJ type is believed to be very rare (less than 1 percent of the population) and it has an unusual set of traits. Even though their presence can be described as very quiet, INFJ personalities usually have many strong opinions, especially when it comes to issues they consider really important in life. If an INFJ is fighting for something, this is because they believe in the idea itself, not because of some selfish reasons.

INFJ personalities are drawn towards helping those in need – they may rush to the place of a major disaster, participate in rescue efforts, do charity work etc. INFJs see this as their duty and their purpose in life – people with this personality type firmly believe that nothing else would help the world as much as getting rid of all the tyrants. Karma and similar concepts are very attractive to INFJs.

These tendencies are also strengthened by the fact that INFJ personalities have a unique combination of idealism and decisiveness – this means that their creativity and imagination can be directed towards a specific goal. Few other personality types have this trait and this is one of the most important reasons why many INFJs are able to eventually realize their dreams and make a lasting positive impact.

INFJs are masters of written communication, with a distinctively smooth and warm language. In addition, the sensitivity of INFJs allows them to connect to others quite easily. Their easy and pleasant communication can often mislead bystanders, who might think that the INFJ is actually an extrovert.

INFJs should be careful to avoid “overheating” as their zeal and determination can sometimes get out of hand. As introverts, INFJs need to have some “alone time” every once in a while or otherwise their internal energy reserves will get depleted really quickly. If this happens, the INFJ may surprise everybody around them by withdrawing from all their activities for a while – and since other people usually see INFJs as extroverts, this can leave them both surprised and concerned.

INFJs take great care of other people’s feelings and expect others to return the favor. Unsurprisingly, people with this personality type are very sensitive and vulnerable to conflicts even the most rational INFJs may find it quite difficult to not take criticism personally. This is the INFJ’s Achilles’ heelif someone with an INFJ personality cannot escape the conflict, they will do their best to deal with it head on, but this will result in a lot of stress and may also potentially lead to health problems or highly irrational behavior.

Stämde hyffsat! (Du röstade på detta alternativ)

ISTP. Tycker det stämmer delvis, men på vissa av frågorna hade det varit skönt med en beskrivning. Sen så kändes det som en del av frågorna inte hade någon direkt motsättning mellan svaren, man hade kunnat välja båda utan att kompromissa typ.

Stämde väldigt bra! (Du röstade på detta alternativ)

blev intj. kan lätt erkänna mig vara en irriterande allifrågasättande strateg med vissa asociala drag. det är bara tur att jag inte är extrovert - annars hade jag bara varit en typisk psykopat.

fast lite coolt är det att vara gandalf.
Extravert (E) 50%
Introvert (I) 50%

Sinnesförnimmelse (S) 30%
Intuition (N) 70%

Tanke (T) 70%
Känsla (F) 30%

Bedömning (J) 70%
Varseblivning (P) 30%

Din MBTI-profil är: ENTJ

KOD : 1011

ENTJ uppfattas ofta som mycket drivande. Den starka sidan är utåtriktad tanke: På ett logiskt sätt ser man till att förverkliga sina visioner. De är ofta snabba att fatta beslut - kan ha svårt att fördra det som kan uppfattas som irrationalitet och vankelmod. I sin ibland extrema uppgiftsorientering driver de sig själva och andra hårt. De tenderar att bortse från att de själva också har legitima icke-rationella behov.