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You: Hello
Stranger: 16 f usa
Stranger: heyy
You: 16 f usa?
Stranger: yup
You: why?
Stranger: ummmmm i am a female and 16 years old from usa
Stranger: whats wrong about that???
You: and why?
You: nothing?
You: buteverything have a reason you know
Stranger: because i want to be like that
Stranger: yea
You: action re-action
Stranger: because god made me be like this
Stranger: weirdo
Stranger: come lick my pussy
You: hmm
You: why?
You: okey
You: sry
You: I will
You: on my way
Stranger: cause im naked
You: enter the house now
You: k?
Stranger: k
You: where are you?
You: lot's of rooms
Stranger: in the bathtub
You: ah!
You: I guess that the bathtub is in the bathroom
You: would be stupid to have one in the kitchen
You: omw
You: I locate the bathroom
You: I enter
You: I see you lying there, all wet and non-muddy
You: what do you want me to do?
Stranger: touch me
You: okay
You: I toutch your arm
You: but the floor is kinda slippery
You: don't want to slip
You: so I take it real easy
Stranger: get in the tub with me.. take of ur clothes
You: k, I do
You: now I lick you
You: al the way up your wooden leg
You: really nice
You: do you like it?
Stranger: yes..
You: say arrgh please, my erection is fading
You: getting slack
You: :(
Stranger: noo were not pirates
You: are you sure?
Stranger: yes
You: okay
You: what are we then?
Stranger: we are modern teenagers

sen dcade hon, glömde spara loggen

Det enda som hände var att hon sa att hon inte hade något träben, sen blev hon skitsur när jag inte hade kondomer på mig, pga att jag var naken.

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