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You know my CEO, corporate steeze, greed
I treat countries like the IMF, down on your knees
Real gangstas run the world, fuck what you believe
I'll cut down a forest while you niggas burning some trees
I'll get your family murdered for a couple of Gs
Cause your working class money ain't fucking with me
You think rappers are rich cause of songs you've heard?
My labels make the money and haven't rapped a fucking word

Edit: Fan dazed kom emellan, trodde vi fortfarande pratade om pengar......

Finns ju där, rövare och fifflare, kris - godkänt för bövelen

Yäy! [cool] Men nu byter jag samtalsämne:

You interviewed but they ain't calling you back
And for the record I ain't called it a gat
But tuck this in the small of your back
and wait in the bathroom stall 'til I tap...

We've got 5 million ways to kill a CEO