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Aaah fast man ska kunna registera sig inne på mirc typ så får man något mailat utav dom :P

Ja men det står ju där hur man gör. Men eftersom att du verkar ha väldiga problem så ska jag kopiera texten.

Creates a new user account in the bot. Your current nickname will be used for the name of the account, and may only contain letters, numbers, and hyphens (-).

Usage: /msg Q HELLO [email protected] [email protected]

You need to specify your email address TWICE (to prevent typing mistakes). A link where you can obtain your password will then be sent to the email address specified. You must read and reenter a code before you will be given your password. You can then AUTH to Q.

Q accounts expire if you do not use them. This takes ~80 days of inactivity (no AUTH'ing) to happen.

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